Vince McMahon nearly fired a writer over forgetting to knock

Vince McMahon almost fired a writer for forgetting to knock

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You are a prospective writer at the start of your job. Vince had you do something, you do it, you come back and forget to knock? Vince McMahon is ready to can you, fire you, throw you out of his company. This what writer Jimmy Jacobs said in an interview on the Insiders Podcast.

This is what he said, “When I first got there, I thought that Vince was going to be a dude, a billionaire, but a dude. Like when I first got there, I was like, why is everybody so scared of Vince? Everybody, like, just treat him like a human, guys. What are you talking about? Then I learned almost immediately I was like, oh, yeah, and I started becoming scared of Vince.

Vince McMahon be like, “You didn’t knock? You’re Fired!!!

One of my first, maybe my first month there, my closest friend on the team, on the writing team, almost got fired because he came into Vince’s office without knocking. Vince had said,’ Fix up this promo and come back to me.’ So he fixes the promo and he comes back to him. He doesn’t knock, and Vince wanted to fire him. Dave and Ed, great bosses, great dudes, they saved him.

The guys name was Ryan Callahan. Saved his job. He just, have to go on the home team. Can’t go on the road and be in front of Vince. He’s got to bring him to the home team. Ryan, Callahan, not Ward, Ryan was an incredible writer, and he’s there now. He’s one of the lead writers of SmackDown. He’s brilliant guy.

You start to realize that you’re one weird interaction with Vince away from being in the doghouse or being fired. Then you just start to behave in a way to try to not get fired. Then your ideas become ideas in an effort to not get fired. Pretty soon you have a whole bunch of people that are playing to not lose instead of playing to win.” 

Would you remember to knock? Is Vince McMahon absolutely terrifying?

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