(VIDEOS) Matt Cardona vs The Bad Boy Joey Janela – With So Much Interference AEW Stars Feature

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The match begins as Matt Cardona immediately takes down Janela, but Janela kicks out of the quick pin attempt. Cardona hits some fists to Janela before heading out of the ring to bring in a wooden board. Janela eventually picks him up and hits a Death Valley Driver through the wooden board set up in the corner of the ring. Janela now hits a number of chops and some kicks to Cardona. Cardona is now outside of the ring before Janela dives through the middle rope. Cardona responds by wiping out Janela on the floor with his own dive over the top rope. He then kisses Chelsea Green.

Cardona then throws the chair into Janela sat in the corner of the ring. Chelsea holds the chair in front of Janela as Cardona uses his boot into the face of Janela. Cardona attempts the pin but Janela kicks out at two. They both end up on the top rope and Janela hits a Superplex to Cardona and both men are now down in the middle of the ring. Janela then hits Cardona with a number of lariats as he gets fired up. Janela picks up Cardona’s Internet Championship. Mark Sterling comes out as Cardona’s lawyer and says Janela can’t use Cardona’s belt or else he will be disqualified. Sterling then introduces “Vince” and it is someone dressed as Vince McMahon, but the mask is pulled off to reveal Virgil.

In the ring, Cardona tries a roll-up but Janela kicks out. Sterling runs down to the ring as Cardona attempts to use the Internet Title, but Janela ducks as Cardona hits Sterling who was holding Janela up. On the apron, Janela delivers a Death Valley Driver onto the apron.

Swoggle then appears from underneath and sends Janela into the ring post head first. Sam Stackhouse then appears behind Swoggle and sends him into the ring. Swoggle tries to strike Sam in the stomach before he knocks Swoggle down and then hits him with an Avalanche in the corner. Sam then goes to the top rope and attempts a Moonsault but Swoggle moves out of the way before flipping off all the fans. Marko Stunt then heads down to the ring with a steel chair. Stunt then launches the chair to Swoggle’s head.

Cardona from behind hits Marko Stunt with an Inverted DDT. Janela then takes out Cardona as he checks on Marko Stunt. Janela then heads under the ring and pulls out a wooden board. Marko Stunt is setting up a wooden board in the ring on some chairs. Marko then sets-up up Swoggle on the board. Janela dives onto Cardona on the outside, as Marko dives on Swoggle in the ring. Chelsea then hits Marko with the Internet Title before hitting a Canadian Destroyer on him. Janela returns to the ring and he tries to deliver a move to her, but Cardona returns and hits him with a steel chair.

Cardona then puts Janela through a chair, but Janela kicks out of the pin attempt. Cardona then pulls another wooden board into the ring, which is actually a wooden door. He sets it up in the corner of the ring. Cardona and Chelsea then send another door into the ring. Janela hits Cardona with a chair in the ring and rearranges the door. Chelsea then enters and uses the Singapore Cane on Janela. Janela then hits Chelsea with a Piledriver.

Someone in riot gear spears Janela through one of the doors set up in the corner of the ring. He reveals himself to be Brian Myers. Myers sets up a door between two chairs before he sets up for Cardona to hit his finisher from the top rope.

Winner: Matt Cardona via pinfall

– After the match, fans begin to throw objects into the ring. Sean Waltman, X-Pac, then makes his way to the ring and takes out Myers, and then hits an X-Factor on Matt Cardona. He goes for the Broncobuster but Myers and Cardona escape.

Please H/T to Wrestling Inc For the Transcript


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