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Vickie Guerrero Wanting More AEW Work

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Vickie Guerrero is hoping to do much more on-screen as part of All Elite Wrestling.

Guerrero debuted for AEW in December 2019 and was confirmed to be part of the roster in July 2020, when she was confirmed as the manager of Nyla Rose.

Sitting down with Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Guerrero expressed her desire to do more as a manager. She said,

“WWE was such a great role for me. I learned so much being a manager. Coming to AEW, I wish I had more opportunities to be in a manager role. I’m very grateful for Nyla [Rose] and Marina [Shafir].

We have a great time, we’re the Vicious Vixens. They’re fun to work with. I’ve presented ideas, I would love to manage more. This is what I do, I’m a manager.”

Vickie PWI
Vickie Wants More TV Time

Speaking about her previous role as a ‘cougar’ in WWE, Guerrero said she wouldn’t say no to a similar role in AEW.

“I would love to play the cougar on AEW. There are just so many opportunities that you can only ask and if it’s granted then, you know,

I would be happy about that but for today, I’m very blessed. I work with two incredible ladies.”

Vickie paid tribute to her late-husband Eddie Guerrero at AEW’s Full Gear 2022 pay-per-view event, arriving in a low-rider for Nyla Rose’s match with Jade Cargill.


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