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Vickie Guerrero and Husband Release Statement Via Lawyer (LETTER INCLUDED)

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The Wrestling World Shocked as Sherilyn Guerrero Accuses Kris Benson of S*xual Assault on a Cruise

The wrestling community has been left reeling in shock after a recent accusation of s*xual assault by Sherilyn Guerrero, daughter of Eddie and Vickie Guerrero. The allegation is against her stepfather, Kris Benson, and is said to have taken place on a cruise before the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020. The news broke last week after Sherilyn posted a video on TikTok describing the harrowing incident.

The Guerrero family is a well-known and respected name in the wrestling industry. Eddie Guerrero was a beloved wrestler, who passed away in 2005, leaving behind his wife, Vickie, and their children. The family has always been held in high regard for their contribution to the wrestling world, and the news of the s*xual assault allegation has left fans and colleagues stunned.

Sherilyn Guerrero’s TikTok video, where she spoke out about the assault, has since gone viral. In the video, she recounts how her stepfather, Kris Benson, s*xually assaulted her on a cruise ship before the pandemic lockdown in 2020. The video is emotional and raw, and Sherilyn displays a great deal of courage in speaking out about the traumatic incident.

However, since that video was released Vickie and her husband have been on the full-scale defensive and have used lawyers to release this official statement.


“Kris and Vickie Benson Respond to Sherilyn Guerrero’s Recent Allegations

Kris and Vickie Benson vehemently deny Sherilyn Guerrero’s recent allegations of s*xual assault and abandonment. Ms. Guerrero’s unsubstantiated accusations have caused the Bensons to suffer public ridicule, scorn, derision, and humiliation. Kris and Vickie fully appreciate the seriousness of allegations of this nature and the need for public support of s*xual assault survivors; however, they ask that you withhold final judgment of this matter until they have the opportunity to bring Ms. Guerrero and her claims into a court of law where judgment is based on facts and merit.”


Vickie Guerrero


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