WWE Jim Johnston

Veteran WWE Theme Song Composer Has Approached AEW For Work

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Former WWE music composer, Jim Johnston, has revealed during a recent interview on the Conversations with Conrad podcast that he has approached All Elite Wrestling (AEW) to write some of their theme songs.

Johnston, who spent over 30 years with WWE, composing iconic entrance themes for some of the biggest names in wrestling, expressed his interest in working with AEW and creating music that would enhance the overall productivity of the promotion. Johnston’s involvement with AEW would be a significant addition, as he is regarded as one of the most innovative and influential music composers in wrestling history.

Fans are excited about the prospect of hearing Johnston’s unique musical style should he get a proper chance to work with AEW and eagerly anticipate any further developments in this potential collaboration.


Johnston stated –

“I actually approached AEW at one point to write some themes for them, with no interest. Now the way I approached [it], it’s very possible the people in charge never got that memo. I’d be happy to write some themes for them. I’d be happy to write some themes for WWE, but I would never want to get as immersed as I was.”

“We’ve gone from a time when you could be cooking in the kitchen, and the TV’s two rooms away, and you could tell who’s coming out to the ring. And now it’s noise to me. I don’t understand how did that transition happen where it seemed to just get down to the pure, noisy spectacle of it all, and we kind of lost that magic of, it’s all about character and storyline.”




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