Triple H speaking at the Royal Rumble press conference following Saturday's event

Triple H praised for his booking of Sami Zayn

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The Sami Zayn and Bloodline storyline has been the hottest topic in WWE for a long time. The story sparked after Vince McMahon retired from the position of CEO in July last year. Triple H took over WWE’s creative and has done a praiseworthy job of building an appealing storyline.

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Sami Zayn recently turned on Roman Reigns at the WWE Royal Rumble event. After the Tribal Chief emerged victorious over Kevin Owens, Sami was asked to beat up a helpless KO with a chair. Instead, Sami landed a chair shot on the head of the table. The Bloodline then took out Sami within seconds. The surprising factor was that Jey Uso decided not to join the assault and walk out 

In a recent interview with Sportskeeda, Dutch Mantell heaped praise on Triple H for the effective storyline. He explained that Triple H had done the right thing by getting his talents involved in hot angles and making them flourish.

“They have done such a good job with Sami [Zayn]. 7 or 8 months and that is old-school timing. Just went on and on and on. We’ve been expecting this for 3 months, Sami turns and somebody helps him. Now he’s got people to help him. He’s got Cody to help him, he’s got Kevin Owens to help him. Now if you want to get some more baby faces over, have them help. That’s how you get guys over. You get guys over by putting them in hot angles because they get over by osmosis, just being in the group,” Dutch Mantell said. 

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