Triple H had a meeting with talent before Smackdown

Triple H held talent meeting before WWE SmackDown

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WWE had a talent meeting on Friday ahead of the weekly SmackDown episode in Green Bay, Wisconsin. This report comes from PWInsider and¬†Fightful Select, who revealed that Paul “Triple H” Levesque led the meeting, which focused a lot on Vince McMahon and his role in the company since returning.

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Assuring the performers that nothing would change from a creative standpoint, Levesque informed them that McMahon is only leading efforts to determine if the company should be sold and to who it should be sold. The former world champion also laid to rest rumors that a sale was “done,” adding that the process will be much longer if the company is sold.

HHH added that Vince’s return to the organization won’t change the creative team or process, although he mentioned that “anything can change”. He ended by assuring performers that while he and Vince do discuss WWE creative, the latter always defers to him when it comes to the final say.


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