Triple H says having Vince McMahon around is great. What do you think? Is it great?

Triple H, “Having Vince around is great.”

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Triple H spoke on the 4th quarter earnings’ call, about having Vince McMahon around. Vince originally retired back last summer. However he returned to the fold as chairman of the board last month. Triple H said it was great having Vince around, but reiterated that he is still the Chief Content Officer of WWE.

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This is what Triple H said, “I want to reiterate just how excited I am and how much fun I am having in my role as Chief Content Officer. I also want to add that having Vince around has been great. I will tell you this, it has allowed me, and allow me to speak for our entire creative team, but we’re standing on the shoulders of giants. So having him back and involved, even at just the board level, comes with his incredible insight, and he is a tremendous asset to this company. This is the best time of the year. We’ve kicked off the road to WrestleMania. It’s an amazing moment for WWE, and I look forward to continuing to build the business alongside this leadership team for the long term.”

Some might take this as Triple H keeping the old man happy. Others might see this as HHH playing nice and biding his time. Still, perhaps Vince really is in charge? That’s what a lot of people will continue to believe no matter what anyone says.

What do you think? Is it great having Vince McMahon around?

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