Triple H remains in charge of creative, as said in a talent meeting just before RAW.

Triple H had another talent meeting, here’s what was said

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Triple H had another talent meeting, ahead of RAW. This is what he was reported to have said, as well as what Kevin Dunn has said. WWE has been in a whirlwind of activity since the return of Vince McMahon as Chairman of the Board. The company has been awash with rumors about sales, and everything else. Stephanie McMahon stepped down as CEO, leaving Nick Khan as the sole CEO running the company.

This is what Mike Johnson of PWI reported that Triple H said to talent, “Vince McMahon has returned to look into the potential sale of the company and potential suitors, nothing more. If there is a sale, it will not happen overnight and there is no truth to a sale having already happened (which is obvious, since stockholders would have to have been informed).”

Despite some incorrect reports, WWE did not sell the Saudis. We ourselves reported that very sale, which we sourced from DAZN. But that report was incorrect, and as of right now, WWE is still for sale. If there was a sale, all the stockholders will likely be informed which would almost certainly lead to national news services reporting the same. No doubt Triple H knows this and would have explained it to those who asked.

Fightful Select had this to add, Thus far we were told that many of the same points were hit from Friday, including noting that Triple H is still CCO [Chief Content Officer] and firmly in control of creative, and that talent relations are not changing. There was also debunking last week’s Saudi Arabia sale story.”

Whatever Vince’s long-term intentions, for now, Triple H remains in charge of WWE’s creative, and WWE has not sold, as of yet.

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