Flip Gordon NJPW

Top Free Agent From NJPW Ready To Make A Big Move To US

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Flip Gordon is a big fan of the professional wrestling industry these days as there are many options out there. Three of the bigger promotions in the world include WWE, AEW, and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

During a recent interview with Dr. Chris Featherst for Sporkskeeda’s UnSKripted podcast, the independent wrestler opened up on his future plans, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On possibly signing with AEW, WWE, or NJPW:

“Absolutely, I would love to go to all three. I mean, I definitely have my preference where I would like to go first. I love that there’s so many options in wrestling right now, and I love that — like, right now I’ve been a free agent since April. And I’m still making a living as a professional wrestler because of the merchandise, independence, other avenues that wrestling’s opened up when it comes to the business side of things.”

Flip Gordon NJPW
Flip Gordon previously had a contract with ROH

On wrestling having so many options right now:

“I’m working with other businesses to help them grow outside of wrestling. Wrestling has taught me so much that obviously the military taught me a lot as well. I think a lot of these guys get so submerged in the wrestling aspect, they forget that it’s a business, and I’m a businessman first. And so when it comes to those three companies, or Impact or Ring of Honor, or New Japan Pro-Wrestling, AAA, CMLL, NOAH, you know what I mean? There are so many great, great companies out there right now that are paying good money.”


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