Tony Schiavone will be winding down his time at the commentary booth, very soon... the WCW legend reveals.

Tony Schiavone to leave commentary soon?

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Well, there haven’t been any dates announced. There is certainly no idea as to when it might happen. But Tony Schiavone made it clear that his days on commentary are certainly winding down. This is what Tony said.

“I’m actually, to be honest with you, I think I’m really getting too old for this sh*t, I really am. No, I do, I really think I am getting too old for it. I think what’s in my future is just maybe podcasting and, I don’t know, playing video games.”

Tony Schiavone continued,

“I ain’t got many more years left in this business. I don’t have, oh, it’s a young man’s business, and at the age of 65, I realized it. It’s a young man’s business. The day I turned 40, I needed glasses that day. The day I turned 65, I just woke up tired and I’ve been tired ever since then. I’m telling you, I’ve been tired … I just think that life is on the way downhill right now.” 

What do you think of Tony Schiavone as a commentary? He is seen by many as the voice of WCW. For myself, I feel like he’s a voice of reason, and old school values that makes me enjoy AEW product a little bit more. I know all things must end, but I’ll be sad when it does.

Would you be sad to see him go? Can you imagine AEW without Tony Schiavone?

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