Tony Schiavone hates clickbaiters

Tony Schiavone tells the world where he thinks of clickbaiters

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Tony Schiavone of AEW gave his take on Clickbait writers. Well, as a writer, what can I say? I’m literally doing the thing he hates. But I understand why he hates it, and respect his opinion.

This is what Tony Schiavone said, “Adam Demois, I talked to him yesterday with our bonus podcast. He said, ‘so you’re retiring huh?’ I went, ‘what the f**k are you talking about?’ Apparently, one day I was tired and I said, ‘man I’m just tired. Maybe I’ll just do a podcast with you and do video games the rest of my life. Well, that became like a clickbait and so I’d like to say that the people who put that on the clickbait are liars. They’re pieces of sh*t and they can go f**k themselves. How does that sound? I even sent an email to one of them. I said ‘I know you and your readers hate me, that’s fine. But I have no plans to step away from announcing. Your clickbait headline is completely false.’ That’s all I said…”

Tony Schiavone continued, “Listen, I’m the luckiest guy in the world. So why would I leave? Sure I get tired. I stay up all night on Tuesday night and I get no sleep on Wednesday night and I end up sleeping most of the day Tuesday until the late afternoon when we got to do some work to get Rampage out the door. I’m doing great, thank you for asking. Hope you are well too.”

What do you all think? Is Tony Schiavone right? Do you hate clickbait? But seriously, I’m a huge fan of Tony Schiavone and I can understand where he is coming from here.

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