Tony Schiavone

Tony Schiavone feels Mandy Rose could be done with pro wrestling

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Tony Schiavone feels that Mandy is done with pro wrestling. Mandy Rose’s release from WWE last week left the entire pro wrestling industry stunned, especially as she had just lost to Roxanne Perez to end a record 400-plus day NXT Women’s Championship reign. The reason for her exit was reported to be because of the content she posted on her FanTime page.

As is the norm, many fans started fantasy booking her in other promotions, most commonly AEW. However, with reports coming in that Rose has earned $500k on her FanTime page since leaving WWE, such rumors have more or less died down, as making such huge amounts of money surely means she doesn’t even need to go back to wrestling to sustain herself.

Mandy Rose WWE
Mandy Rose is making enough money from FanTime to consider stepping away from pro wrestling

Tony Schiavone has also given his take on Mandy’s future in the business. Speaking on his What Happened When podcast, the AEW commentator asked why she would go back to wrestling work when she can accumulate that kind of funds without taking a fraction of the same risks:

“My first thought was, if I had that kind of money, what could I do with it in the wrestling business? And then as I drove a little bit further down the road, I thought, ‘F* that. I’m going to buy a f*ing boat.’ Yes, and I’m just going to lounge around on the boat. I’m not going to be in the wrestling business anymore. Why would you want to take that money and work?”

Schiavone added that unless she wants to be a top name, there is no need for Mandy to return. He went as far as to claim that the Golden Goddess might be done with the business if she’s that kind of money from FanTime.

“It’s just putting myself in her position. If I had another money stream –- big money stream, which obviously it is –- I would be done with it.”

Tony made some valid arguments there, and despite fans wanting to see more of Rose after her tremendous in-ring growth over the past year, it rests squarely on her shoulders if she wants to return to the squared circle or make money from her paywall content.


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