Tony Khan Told To Focus On AEW And Forget WWE

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This past week despite all the backstage AEW issues going on Tony Khan find the time to take aim and fire some shots over to WWE.

We have reported that Khan was mocking the Raw ratings due to the NFL matches, and then he was picking holes in the fact that HHH and WWE continue their long-standing blood money deal with Saudi Arabia.

But now HOF star Booker T appears to have had enough of the petty back and forth and told Tony to focus on AEW.

“Worry about your company. Worry about the turmoil that’s going on inside of AEW right now, and try to fix that before you start thinking about what WWE is doing instead of running his mouth about WWE.

“I have a lot of respect for Tony Khan. Sometimes you earn respect, as well. You don’t earn it by going out there talking; you earn it by going out there and doing it.  “I would have a whole lot more respect for Tony Khan if he handled his business, and we all know what that is; we saw the press conference.”

Booker T is fed up of the Tony Khan WWE focus

A third-party investigation into what happened following All Out 2022 is currently ongoing, with the belief that CM Punk and Ace Steel could be fired from the promotion and lawsuits make appear for unsafe working enviroments.


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