William Regal can't be on WWE Programming until 2024, Per Tony Khan

Tony Khan stated the conditions for Regal’s departure

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Tony Khan spoke today about William Regal and the conditions upon his release. He also addressed Triple H’s supercut about William Regal. This is what Tony Khan said at the ROH preliminary press event.

The way I believe it’s written, is that after this year, he would be able to go back and coach, but I believe we have it written that he would not be appearing on-screen next year. I wouldn’t expect to see him as an on-screen person next year.”

What Tony Khan said about Triple H’s supercut.

“Honestly, given the spirit of the thing and how accommodating we were being, I was really surprised by the tweet with the supercut of him on it, especially since he’s still been with us and part of the shows. We’re still addressing him on the show and going into last week’s show, especially, he’s still a big part of our show. I was a little surprised by the supercut of him on Triple H’s Twitter, and given how accommodating we were being to the whole thing, I was not necessarily expecting to see that.

I didn’t necessarily think it was in the spirit of how accommodating we were being about the whole thing, but whatever. The important thing is that it’s a situation that will be resolved and he will be able to be there and do the coaching and work with his son and the stuff that’s important to him, that he said, he was cool and okay with it being a release that he would not be appearing on TV next year.”

Do you think Tony Khan will miss Regal? Excited for his return to WWE?

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