Tony Khan addresses the booking situation of FTR

Tony Khan Responds To Kevin Nash Recent Appeal

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Six weeks ago, Kevin Nash lost his son Tristen to what he has described as an alcohol addiction that he attempted to quit cold turkey, which resulted in a heart attack.

The WWE Hall of Famer took to Twitter over the weekend to promote his ‘Kliq This’ podcast, revealing that his son always wanted to get him to 100,000 subscribers so they could get a plaque from YouTube. Nash wrote,

“I never ask for anything. But I’m asking anyone that is willing to subscribe to my podcast “Kliq This”. My son passed away 6 weeks ago and he wanted to 100k subscribers so he could get a plaque from YouTube. I want to put it next to his urn. Thank you.”

Well, we can now confirm that Kevin Nash’ “Kliq This” YouTube channel now has over 115,000 subscribers, which means that plaque from YouTube will be coming soon.

AEW President Tony Khan responded to Nash’s tweet, noting that he had subscribed and urged others to do the same.

You can check out their tweets below:

Tony Khan Kevin Nash


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