Tony Khan Sting Retirement

Tony Khan on WWE underusing Sting

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Tony Khan often has a lot to say. Sometimes fans agree and sometimes do not. However, his comments on how Sting was used in WWE, might find quite a few fans in agreement with him, even WWE fans. Basically, Sting was barely used in WWE, and one of the few times they did. Sting got injured. For many people, Sting’s WWE run was disappointing compared to other companies.

This is what Tony Khan said, “He definitely had a lot more to offer than he’d be asked or allowed to show,” Khan said. “To know that a wrestling company could have somebody like Sting, or specifically, Sting himself, because there’s nobody like Sting, under contract, and he would want to work, and they wouldn’t want to use him, it makes no sense to me.

I don’t care what company it is, what time. I don’t care how many people you have under contract. If Sting wants to be active, and you have Sting on your roster, why wouldn’t you utilize him?”

Sting is featured a lot more in AEW. At 63 years old, he has been the centerpiece of several storylines in AEW. He’s worked tag team matches with Darby Allin, and they have become close onscreen over the years. The peak of Sting’s career may well be past him. He might not be able to equal even his TNA work either. However, it’s hard to argue that Tony Khan didn’t give Sting a time and a place to thrill the fans once more. A lot of fans seem to be enjoying it. Some might say, he got a last hurrah.

Do you think Sting was poorly used in WWE? Does Tony Khan feature Sting better in AEW by comparison?

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