MJF and Tony Khan don't always see eye to eye

Tony Khan Mum Suffered A Stroke

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During Wednesday’s media call to promote this Saturday’s ROH Final Battle 2022 pay-per-view, AEW President Tony Khan revealed his mum suffered a stroke, after All, out as he opened up a little about the problems he’s facing in his personal life.

Tony Khan isn't spilling his guts about CM Punk, except to praise him.
Tony Khans Mum Had A Stroke

Tony Khan revealed that his mother suffered a stroke after the All Out 2022 PPV.

Khan noted that it was a difficult time for him, especially given the fact that things weren’t going well on the business side of things either (referring to the backstage fight at All Out).

To make things more complicated, a few weeks after the episode, his mother had another stroke in October. Khan did not reportedly mention how his mother doing in the media call about her recovery from the second stroke.

He noted that after that they got her home and spent time with her, his mother had another stroke in October. Just horrible news.

Tony Khan Plans to boost Rampage ratings

Tony Khan says that he’s planning to boost the star power of the cards for AEW Rampage in order to boost the show’s ratings. During Wednesday’s media card in support of Saturday’s ROH Final Battle, Khan was asked about the fact that Rampage has been ina ratings slump and what plans he has to turn the trend around.

“I definitely am looking to put strong matches on Rampage,” Khan said (per Wrestling Inc). “I think we’ll have a big card this week. With the depth of the roster, I think it’s a time for me to really put all hands on deck to put the strongest shows I can on Friday. And I always try to listen to the feedback from the fans, so going forward, I’m going to try to put things on the Friday show that I think will have the best chance to bring in that audience.”


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