Jake Roberts believes Tony Khan is much wiser to the wrestling business than Vince.

Tony Khan is wiser than Vince, says Jake Roberts

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Tony Khan is wiser to the business than Vince McMahon. That’s what Jake Roberts said on the Snake Pit. It’s hard to imagine for some, considering Vince’s experience in the business. However, that is the statement from Jake Roberts.

This is what Jake Roberts said “Tony Khan is very kind. They’re completely two different animals. They really are. Vince was a guy that surrounded himself with people that knew what the fu*k to do, whereas Tony Khan already knows what the fu*k to do. He’s much wiser as far as the wrestling business goes, way more than Vince McMahon. He can quote you stuff from 30 years ago and give it to you move by move. He’s an amazing, amazing man. I don’t know that I’ve ever met anybody any smarter than him. I really don’t think I have.”

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Some fans will be overjoyed at Jake Robert’s comments. Others, probably furious. What do you think?

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