Thunder Rosa injured!

Thunder Rosa AEW Return News

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  .Thunder Rosa is a professional wrestler and promoter, currently signed to All Elite Wrestling (AEW). She is also known by her real name, Melissa Cervantes. She has also competed in various other promotions, including National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and Lucha Underground.

Rosa, a former AEW Women’s World Champion, gave an update on her expected return to the road. Since last August, Rosa hasn’t given a ringside performance. Rosa had to spend some time recovering from a back ailment, and she eventually gave up the AEW Women’s Title.

Rosa made an appearance on “Busted Open,” where she disclosed that although she has not yet set a return date for the ring, she anticipates hitting the road once more soon.

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Rosa said the following

“Since we’re talking about AEW, I’m probably gonna be coming back on the road pretty soon,” Rosa said. “Not to wrestle, but we’re gonna be out at AEW, showing face, and being around all this stuff. It’s gonna be very nice to see everyone, and to see how things unfold.”

She continued

“Being in the shoes that I was as a former NWA champion, and coming in as an NWA [talent], you always are painted as somebody that don’t belong there, and it is easier to go as a heel in that aspect,”

The AEW women’s division has been shaken up a bit since Rosa last appeared on TV Saraya made her debut back in September, and while she was initially presented as a babyface, she has since aligned herself with Toni Storm, and the two apparently turned heel this past Wednesday.

Are you ready to see Thunder Rosa back in AEW?


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