This week in WWE history - (Nov 22-28) - Unexpected Money in the Bank cash-in; controversial superstar fired

This week in WWE history – (Nov 22-28) – Unexpected Money in the Bank cash-in; controversial superstar fired

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This week in WWE history - (Nov 22-28) - Unexpected Money in the Bank cash-in; controversial superstar fired
There are some interesting news stories this week in WWE history re

This week’s WWE news has been dominated by the fact that Seth Rollins was attacked by a fan on Monday Night RAW.

The former world champion was speared by the fan as he made his way up the ramp following his segment with Finn Balor. The fan was then wrestled to the ground by security before being handed over to the NYPD and being removed from the building.

It appears that over the years there have been much bigger stories coming out of the wrestling world. The following list looks at just five of the biggest events to happen this week in WWE history.

#5. The Miz successfully cashes in his Money in the Bank contract for the first time – WWE RAW, November 22nd 2010

10 years ago today, November 22, 2010, it was Monday Night #WWERaw, the night after #SurvivorSeries. @RandyOrton retained the WWE Title defeating @StuBennett. After the match, @mikethemiz came down to cash in his Money in the Bank contract, and he was successful! #Mizgirl

The Miz came to WWE with no prior wrestling experience and has gone on to become one of the company’s most recognizable stars. Miz has held the Money in the Bank contract on two occasions, main evented WrestleMania and now has his own reality TV show.

The former world champion was also recently part of Dancing With The Stars. He was the seventh star eliminated from the competition at the beginning of the month.

Before The Miz was a recognizable reality TV star, the biggest win of his career arguably came on this day back in 2010 when he was able to lift the WWE Championship for the first time.

The Miz chose an episode of Monday Night RAW where Randy Orton had only just been able to retain the title in a match against Wade Barrett. Post-match, The Viper was beaten down by Nexus before The Miz cashed in his Money in the Bank contract.

@mikethemiz Just gonna put this out there…Your last cash-in on Orton was 11/22/2010. Survivor Series is coming up on 11/22/2020….😉

The Miz has since been able to take The Money in the Bank contract from Otis and cashed in earlier this year to become a two-time WWE Champion.

That being said, this was still the biggest moment of Miz’s career, just four years after he walked through those doors for the first time as a little-known reality TV star.

#4. Edge vs Eddie Guerrero takes place on WWE SmackDown – November 4th, 2002

What’s your favourite Smackdown match of all time? I’m going Eddie vs Edge 2002 No DQ 🔥🔥🔥

Eddie Guerrero was ahead of his time in WWE. His untimely passing denied the WWE Universe of a run that could have seen Guerrero become a main event star and one of the biggest names in the industry.

On this date in 2002, Guerrero and Edge faced off in a no-disqualification match on SmackDown. The two men, who are now WWE Hall of Famers, stole the show and now the match is still one of the most talked about in history.

More classics
Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero – Smackdown 2002

In the end, it was the Rated R Superstar who was able to pick up the win when he delivered an incredible Edgecution from the top of the ladder. This came after Latino Heat had already delivered a sit-out powerbomb to Edge from the same spot.

It was then revealed as part of a poll in 2018 that WWE had now decided that this match was the greatest in SmackDown history. They really don’t make them like this anymore, especially not on free TV.

#3. Brad Maddox is fired from WWE – November 25th 2015

#HappyThanksgiving peeps!
Here’s #Undertaker tombstoning Brad Maddox, in a 🦃 outfit (2015)

Brad Maddox is memorable to WWE fans as the referee who helped CM Punk retain his WWE Championship inside Hell in a Cell in October 2012.

Maddox would later lose the stripes and go on to become one of the authority figures on RAW alongside Vickie Guerrero.

After this story ran its course, WWE decided it was time to repackage the star and allow him to re-debut as Joshua Kingsley.

Remember when WWE really tried (and ultimately failed) to make anyone care about Brad Maddox?

It wasn’t a character that Maddox would get along with, and after a promo as part of a dark match on SmackDown where the star called the crowd something that’s not worth repeating, he was released from WWE. This came as a huge surprise since his release came out of the blue, but was seemingly passed down from the top of the company.

Since his release, Maddox dropped off the radar, but in recent years it has been revealed that the star changed his name to Tyler K Warner and has embarked on a career in the acting industry.

#2. The Original WWE Screwjob – November 25th 1985

“I’ve never seen her this aggressive and this flagrant about breaking rules.”

In 1985, a controversy occurred in the ring between Wendi Richter & The Spider (Fabulous Moolah). It has since gone down in folklore as the Original Screwjob of wrestling. #WWE…

WWE obviously likes screwjobs in November. Not only did the famous Montreal Screwjob take place at the beginning of the month, but Wendi Richter was also screwed over by the company in the same month just 17 years earlier.

Wendi Richter was set to wrestle Spider Lady for the WWF Women’s Championship as part of a show that was live from Madison Square Garden.

Thirty-six years ago today on this date: Spider Lady (Fabulous Moolah) defeated Wendi Richter to win the WWF women’s world title in New York City.

Whilst the match went ahead, it was The Fabulous Moolah who was disguised as Spider Lady and mid-way through the match she got Richter in a Small Package. Despite kicking out of the pin, the referee counted the three and the title changed hands.

It was only after the match that Richter realised that it was Moolah who went on to attack her. She then left the arena and refused to make her return to the company. Moolah and Richter never spoke again, and Richter only returned to WWE to be added to the Hall of Fame in 2010, almost two decades later.

#1. The most controversial WWE podcast of all time was released – November 27th 2014

The Art Of Wrestling episode 226, the one in which CM Punk aired all of his grievances with WWE at the time turns 7 years old today

CM Punk’s last appearance for WWE came at the 2014 Royal Rumble. There were then rumors for several months about Punk and his WWE status, before he was finally able to share his side of the story.

On November 26th 2014, The Art of Wrestling Podcast dropped with CM Punk finally being able to reveal all of the issues he had faced with the company to Colt Cabana.

CM Punk breaks silence on #WWE exit in new Colt Cabana “Art of Wrestling” podcast…

It was a podcast that revealed all of WWE’s dirty secrets including the fact that Punk was fired on his wedding day. He also went on to be sued by company doctor Chris Amann for his comments on the podcast, but was able to win the case after several years of proceedings.

Punk has since stayed true to his word and even though he worked alongside the company for WWE Backstage, he has not returned since. The former world champion is currently part of All Elite Wrestling, a company he debuted for earlier this year.


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