"They were the ideal guests"- The Undertaker heaps praise on top WWE faction for their work on his film

“They were the ideal guests”- The Undertaker heaps praise on top WWE faction for their work on his film

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The Undertaker feels that The New Day members were the ideal fit for the ‘Escape The Undertaker’ Netflix interactive film.

Escape The Undertaker is an interactive film featuring WWE Superstars in which The Undertaker has set a trap for the decorated tag team The New Day at his mansion. The movie was released on October 5 on the digital platform.

The Undertaker recently appeared on ‘The Bump’ where he talked about his shooting experience with the faction. The Deadman also expressed his joy over how things eventually turned out.

“That was a really ambitious shooting schedule because New Day had their commitments for their house shows and TV and everything, so we shot that in a week. It was really long days but those guys are awesome, they’re so creative and even in situations like that, they bring so much energy and creativity. It was really fun, I think that they were the ideal guests to do that but it was fun being able to have that kind of a project with those guys and I’m really happy with how it turned out,”- The Phenom said. (H/T- wrestlezone)

“Those guys are so awesome. They’re so creative.”

The @undertaker has nothing but praise for The #NewDay after filming Escape The Undertaker on @netflix. #WWETheBump

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The Undertaker was initially worried about working with The New Day

Although The Undertaker enjoyed working with The New Day, the former WWE Champion was skeptical about working with the faction at first.

Speaking with ET Online, The Phenom revealed he was worried about working with New Day as he thought it would take him too far from his character’s roots.

“I worked with them a little in the ring, but not nearly — I never had a program or really spent a lot of time being creative with them. I think what was really the coolest part of it is their energy, right? They have this dynamic positive energy and then you put that in contrast to The Undertaker, which is obviously a dark force and I was a little leery at the beginning when I’m thinking you know, conceptually. Is it going to be too funny or will it take The Undertaker too far out of his roots? But it was just the opposite. Their energy played against mine so well,”- The Reaper said. (h/t- fightful)

Eventually the film turned out to be a massive success as The New Day’s lighthearted charisma contrasted well with the dark side of The Deadman.


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