Tessa Blanchard is focusing on college

There are some people I would like to wrestle. Most of them are in different companies.

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Having recently returned to the ring at the Hurricane Pro Wrestling event on July 16, 2022, Tessa Blanchard is looking to pick up the pieces and return to what she does best. This has also meant that many fans have begun fantasy booking the former Impact world champion against other wrestlers.

During a recent virtual signing with Captain’s Corner, Blanchard revealed a few names she wants to face. Blanchard has been impressed by AEW’s Red Velvet while also naming WWE’s Natalya and Charlotte Flair:

“People ask me this all the time. There are some people I would like to wrestle. Most of them are in different companies right now. One of them is Red Velvet. I’ve watched a little bit of her work and I think that she is pretty solid so I would love to work with her.

Last night, I saw some girls working and I got to work with The Renegade Twins a little bit and they impressed me a lot and just speaking to them outside of the ring, in the locker room and stuff, I really was impressed by who they are as people.

Natalya is one that I would love to do. Neidhart versus Blanchard, I think that would be badass. Charlotte Flair versus Blanchard. There’s a lot of people on my list, a lot of talent that I’d love to have matches with (POST Wrestling).”

Having been one of the most exciting female talents in the world prior to her break, it remains to be seen where Tessa ends up in the near future.


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