William Regal sets the record straight about UK indy scene

The word was, he said, ‘I immediately regret this decision’

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There is a lot of excitement in the pro writing business now that William Regal is officially done with AEW and is seemingly on his way back to WWE. Everyone knows how close he is to Triple H, so it was a given that it was only a matter of time before the Brit found himself ‘coming home.’

Crucially, Regal’s on-screen character was properly written off by Tony Khan prior to his departure, as on last week’s AEW Dynamite, he and MJF unveiled a brand new AEW World Championship. However, much to the shock of fans, MJF viciously attacked Regal afterward, and the legend was taken out on a stretcher.

C3 had quite the revelation about William Regal's time in AEW
C3 had quite the revelation about William Regal’s time in AEW

Many people have weighed in with their thoughts on Regal’s short but impactful time under Khan, and EC3 has now dropped quite the shocker. The former WWE superstar, while speaking on The Wrestling Outlaws podcast, claimed that Regal instantly regretted joining AEW.

“When he went over to AEW, the word was, he said, ‘I immediately regret this decision, there’s very much a maturity issue here within management.”

Whether this is true can only be acknowledged by William Regal himself, but fans are excited to see him back in WWE and can’t wait for him or the company to officially confirm his signing.


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