Jeff Hardys Return

The Story About How Jeff Hardy’s Return To AEW Happened – FULL REPORT

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Jeff Hardys Return was brilliant!  – Jeff Hardy made a triumphant return to AEW television this week, 10 months after his last appearance. Fans were delighted to see the former WWE star come to the aid of his brother Matt Hardy, taking out members of The Firm during his surprise comeback on Dynamite.

Matt Hardy discussed his brother’s return on his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast with Jon Alba, revealing that it was put together in just a few short days. He went on to explain that Jeff was originally set to return at a later date, but when AEW asked if he could come back earlier, he jumped at the opportunity.

According to Matt, the timing of Jeff’s return was perfect, as it coincided with the beginning of The Hardy Family Office’s storyline with The Firm. The brothers were able to team up once again and deliver a memorable moment for fans.

Matt stated –


“This literally came together the last few days. We’ve been talking about this for a while. Jeff’s eye will take a while — I kept making jokes, ‘How did you fly here today, did you take a red eye? Ahahaha.’ —

He still has blood in his eye. They said that would probably take six to eight weeks. I put it out there, ‘In six to eight weeks, he should be good.’

His vision is fine, his eyes are stable, they’re working in sync now. He got cleared at the end of last week to do stuff physically. We had an idea of bringing him in and interjecting him into this scenario.

The segment cut a little short, but here’s a great spoiler, watch Rampage on Friday and you’ll find out where this match is going to be and who the official competitors are. J

eff will be involved, HOOK will be involved, Isiah (Kassidy) will be involved. You’ll find out who from The Firm we’ll face on Rampage.”


Jeff’s return to AEW comes after a tumultuous year for the wrestler, which included a high-profile departure from WWE and a stint in rehab. He has since signed with AEW and is looking to make his mark in the company.

The return of Jeff Hardy also adds another layer of intrigue to the ongoing drama between The Hardy Family Office and The Firm. Fans are eagerly anticipating what’s next for the brothers and their allies in AEW, as they continue to carve out their place in the wrestling world.

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