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The Rock Accused Of Steroid Abuse

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Joe Rogan has accused Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson of steroids use, saying there is “not a chance” that the Peoples Champion is ‘clean.’

The use of steroids has been under scrutiny as of late after self-styled ‘Liver King’ Brian Johnson admitted to using steroids.

The 45-year-old had previously denied using steroids but instead attributed his impressive physique to his ‘primal living lifestyle.

On his podcast, Rogan argued that The Rock should admit to using steroids as well.

Joe Rogan continued: “There’s not a f*cking chance in hell he’s clean, not a chance in hell as big as The Rock is at 50.

“The point is you can’t even get there with HRT (hormone replacement therapy). That’s not HRT. He is so massive and he’s so different than he was when he was 30.”

Rogan doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with The Rock using HRT, but he thinks the wrestler-turned-actor should be honest with fans, if he’s going to post-workout advice.

“There’s a responsibility that you have to the people that are listening to you. If you don’t want to talk about it that’s one thing but if you do talk about it, there’s a responsibility that you have to the people who are listening to you.”

Rogan questioned how the rock can be so ripped post 50 years old without substances

Rogan went on:  “I think you have to be honest… I don’t think there’s anything wrong with HRT. I think it’s smart but you got to be honest.”

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with doing steroids to achieve that sort of physique for a movie either. I do think there’s something wrong with lying about it.”


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