The most misunderstood people in wrestling

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Bruce Prichard has been in the pro wrestling business long enough to have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and stories to share. That is what he regularly does on his podcast, Something To Wrestle With.

During a recent episode, he discussed a range of topics with co-host Conrad Thompson, including people he feels are misunderstood in the industry. Prichard took names like Eric Bischoff, Paul Levesque, and Kevin Dunn, saying:

“I think Eric Bischoff is a big one. I also think Paul Levesque, I think Kevin Dunn through the years.”

Prichard was also not in a light mood when discussing the way wrestling dirt sheet writers perpetuate misinformation:

“I could guarantee you that 99% of the dirt sheet writers and I can guarantee you 100% of Dave Meltzer could not tell you of what I do, they could not tell you what Eric Bischoff did, they could not tell you what Kevin Dunn does. They don’t know, they just hear bits and pieces, and then they hear buzzwords and they try to put them together but they have no clue what it actually takes or ‘give me the week in the life of this person.’ Couldn’t do it. Couldn’t do it cause they just don’t know (h/t to Wrestling Inc).”



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