"The money was horrible" - Kurt Angle reveals the two WWE roles he rejected

“The money was horrible” – Kurt Angle reveals the two WWE roles he rejected

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Kurt Angle has discussed the two roles WWE offered him following his release last year and says he rejected one because the money wasn’t good enough.

The Hall of Famer was let go by WWE in April 2020 from his role as a producer. He was brought back to be the special guest referee for a match between Timothy Thatcher and Matt Riddle on NXT.

While speaking to Chris Jericho on Talk Is Jericho, Kurt Angle revealed that WWE offered him two roles after he was released. He was offered the role of NXT coach, as well as the on-screen manager of Matt Riddle. He rejected the latter role as the money was not worth it.

“They did offer me a few jobs, though. They wanted me to be a coach at NXT. Then they wanted me to manage Matt Riddle, which I was very interested in and I thought that would be really entertaining. But, the money was horrible (laughs). I’m sorry, but when we talk about money, it better be at least worth it if we were going to do it. This amount was not worth it,” Angle said.

Jericho agreed with Angle and said the money was not good enough for the role that WWE wanted Angle to do.

“He told me what it was, it wasn’t worth it,” said Jericho.

Angle stated that he would have been interested in an ambassadorial role with WWE, but the company did not offer him that job.

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Kurt Angle doesn’t hold grudges against Vince McMahon for releasing him from his WWE contract

Angle thinks that he didn’t do a good job as a producer in WWE and that Vince McMahon was right in releasing him last year.

“I took the job as a producer/agent. I did it for a year, I wasn’t very good at it. So when the pandemic hit I was one of the first ones let go and I don’t blame Vince for that,” said Kurt Angle.

Here’s the video of Kurt Angle announcing that Matt Riddle is on his way to Smackdown.

Let’s just hope the higher ups “get” his character and use him right.

Used correctly and Riddle can be a huge asset to Friday Night Smackdown.

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The Olympic gold medalist was not good at working on the computer, but he had advice and ideas to impart to stars for their in-ring work. Hopefully, Kurt Angle will mentor the up-and-coming stars again someday, be it in WWE or other promotions.

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