The Khan's AEW WWE

The Khan’s Are Interested In WWE Purchase

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Barron’s, a sub-publication of Wall Street Journal and a subsidiary of Dow Jones & Company, is reporting that AEW’s Shad and Tony Khan are said to be interested in buying WWE.

“All Elite Wrestling — a rival to WWE led by Tony Khan and family—is in the pool of potential buyers for WWE, a person close to the potential transaction told Barron’s, adding that the Khans will likely look for a financial partner to acquire the asset. Tony Khan’s father Shahid Khan, a co-owner of AEW, already owns the football team Jacksonville Jaguars and the English soccer club Fulham Football Club, indicating the duo have deep pockets.”

The story does go on to note the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund appears to be the front-runner to WWE.

This week during an interview with In The Zone, Tony Khan was asked if he is monitoring Vince McMahon’s return to WWE. He said, “Yeah, absolutely I’m following it, very closely.”

The Khan's AEW WWE


Eric Bischoff on WWE sale

This is what Eric Bischoff on his podcast, 83 weeks regarding WWE’s potential sale.

“Everybody has their opinion and you [Conrad] and I talked about this a little bit last night. I can see why a lot of people inside of WWE, particularly those that have stock options in their portfolio, WWE stock options, but I can see a lot of people being very nervous because it’s the unknown and you know, nobody likes the unknown.

“Nobody knows how this is going to play itself out. So, everybody’s kind of hanging on by a thread waiting to see which direction it’s going to go and I get that. That’s an uncomfortable feeling.

Eric Bischoff reminds us of what happened to him in the 90s. “My impression is that whoever buys it is probably not going to come in and start making any kind of wholesale changes when it comes to the management of the company for the first year and a half or two years. I lived through that, by the way.”


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