The Gunn Club are now the tag team champions. The Acclaimed see their epic tag team title run tonight on Dynamite.

The Gunn Club are Tag Team Champions

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Yup, the Gunn Club, often referred to as the *ss boys, have won the AEW tag team titles. The Acclaimed lost their titles tonight. 140 days long, the Acclaimed have sat on top of the AEW tag title scene. But The Gunns have ended that reign.

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Austin and Colten Gunn, AKA the Gunn Club, have finally taken their spot in the tag team title scene. The crowd was not happy. They chanted “bullsh*t” at the new champions. Some had expected Billy Gunn to break up with Acclaimed. However, that didn’t happen. That might be a questionable decision in some people’s books.

Either way, congratulations to the new champions. Will the Gunn Club face The Acclaimed at Revolution? Will they win their tag titles back? Do you want them to?

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