Rhea Ripley sure has changed a lot over the years.

The Evolution of Rhea Ripley

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When Rhea Ripley first came to WWE as part of the Mae Young Classic in 2017, she had a very different look. She had worked for Riot City Wrestling in Australia before that. She was coming to the Mae Young Classic for her chance to earn her place, and she succeeded.

She joined NXT UK and became the women’s champion there. She was the first, defeating current AEW Star, Toni Storm to win it. Eventually, Rhea Ripley made her way to NXT and ended the legendary reign of Shayna Baszler. She got hot very first and found her way to the main roster.

Rhea Ripley eventually won the WWE RAW Women’s championship, the first of what I believe will be many title runs for Rhea on the main roster. She won the title at WrestleMania 37, where she beat Asuka for the women’s title. But she eventually lost it to Charlotte.

Times change, and so did Rhea Ripley.
Times changed, and so did Rhea Ripley.

Rhea Ripley has continued to embrace the dark side more. Her look gradually changed more goth. She transitioned into Jean Vest style, and eventually dark leather. Now she is leading the way with Judgment Day in a hot storyline featuring Dominik Mysterio.

Whatever plans for Rhea got tossed as she suffered a severe concussion earlier this year. However, she has since returned to the ring, being featured at Survivor Series 2022. Rhea has also shown her ability, by beating up male wrestlers. She seems to be building into a powerful imposing force who may well be on her way to her second Women’s Championship.

It’s a matter of time perhaps? But How long? What do you think of the evolution of Rhea Ripley?

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