The Career of Jay Briscoe, remembered.

The Career of Jay Briscoe

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As everyone knows, Jay Briscoe died on Tuesday in a horrific car accident. At the time of writing this article, there aren’t any updates regarding his children and their medical condition. When last reported, one child, Gracie, has or had undergone surgery to repair her back. This article will be about the career of Jay Briscoe.

According to Cagematch, the first recorded match of Jay Briscoe happened August 23rd, 2000 at an ECWA event in Newport Delaware. It was a tag team bout featuring his brother Mark Briscoe. The match was against two largely unknown indy wrestlers known as Eddie Valentine, and Mozart Fontaine. This might not be their first match, but it is their first recorded match.

Many people may not realize this, but they got started at the same time that the attitude era was going on. Just like Bryan Danielson, John Cena, and CM Punk. They went from promotion to promotion for quite a while, including some time in Combat Zone Wrestling.

Founding Forefathers of Ring of Honor

The Briscoes are tag team legends.
The Briscoes are tag team legends.

Jay Briscoe wrestled in the very first event for Ring of Honor. He faced Amazing Red, a respected independent wrestler, and former TNA star, known for his ariel prowess. It was a losing effort, but from that point on, Jay Briscoe would be a part of the fabric of Ring of Honor wrestling.

Their early years saw them become part of the foundation of the ROH tag team division. The Briscoe Brothers won their first of 13 ROH tag team championships on November 1st, 2003. They defeated a tag team known as “Special K.” In a weird stat from their first title reign, they were tied for the longest Tag Team Title run until 2004. They had 175 days. AJ Styles & Amazing Red had 175 days, and Christopher Daniels & Donovan Morgan had 175 days as champions.

Jay Briscoe and his brother Mark would have their longest run as champions, winning the titles for the 4th time on March 30th, 2007 at All-Star Extravaganza III. They held their titles for 275 days.

Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe held the tag titles a total of 13 times, for 1413 days. The titles have not officially been vacated at the time of this article, so the final amount of days isn’t set yet. As a team, they may be the longest-reigning tag team champions of all time. No title run in WCW, NWA, WWE, or TNA compares. AWA had a team that exceeded 1300 days but did not reach 1413.

Champions of Honor

Jay Briscoe as Ring of Honor World champion
Jay Briscoe as Ring of Honor World champion


Being a tag team champion wasn’t the only part of his career. Jay Briscoe is a two-time, Ring of Honor World champion. The first time, he defeated Kevin Steen (Kevin Owens) at Supercard of Honor VII in 2013. He would later be stripped of that title, due to some contract issues with Ring of Honor.

However, Jay Briscoe would win the ROH world title again. He was part of an angle about a “Real World’s Championship.” The idea was that even though ROH had stripped Briscoe of the championship, Jay would refuse to give up the title. He was supposed to hand the title over to Adam Cole but instead attacked him.

Adam Cole and Jay Briscoe had a major feud over the title, which included a failed attempt to capture the title at Final Battle 2013. However Jay would continue to hold onto his version of the title, thus the angle continued. At Supercard of Honor VIII, the ROH world titles would be unified, as Adam Cole would emerge victorious.

At All-Star Extravaganza 6, Jay Briscoe would become the second two-time Ring of Honor World champion. He held that second title for 286 days before he lost it to Jay Lethal. While Briscoe would have future bouts for the world title, he was never world champion again.

Jay Briscoe, a Wrestler of Honor

Jay Briscoe, the backbone of Ring of Honor
Jay Briscoe, the backbone of Ring of Honor

Briscoe wasn’t above criticism. Jay Briscoe said several comments that were considered anti-gay marriage. Jay apologized for this over the years and strived to make up for what he said. Many LGBT wrestlers have said that Jay was a close ally to them in the locker room. Nevertheless, this may likely be the reason why the Briscoe Brothers never got to be featured on AEW.

Regardless of his mistakes. Jay Briscoe and his brother Mark were the backbone of Ring of Honor. Many of its stars would depart ROH for TNA, WWE, AEW, and New Japan. But Jay and Mark were there from the beginning to the very end. They even stayed with ROH when it was purchased by AEW. Very similar to Sting, as many people would come and go from WCW, but there was always sting. In Ring of Honor, there was always Jay and Mark Briscoe.

Alongside teams like the Young Bucks, Beer Money in TNA, and New Day in WWE, the Briscoes are credited for playing a huge role in the rejuvenation of tag team wrestling in the US. They were leaders at the forefront of the evolution of tag team wrestling.

The Last Trilogy

The last and greatest trilogy of Jay Briscoe's career
The last and greatest trilogy of Jay Briscoe’s career

Many wrestling fans, despite the accolades of the Briscoe Brothers, didn’t know about them until AEW bought the company in 2022. In what would end up being their final major angle, FTR, and the Briscoes would have a collection of matches that will go down in the annals of wrestling as legendary encounters. At Supercard of Honor, Death Before Dishonor, and Final Battle 2022, they faced each other in three matches.

At Supercard of Honor XV, they were defeated by FTR to lose their titles. But the feud did end there. They had a rematch at Death Before Dishonor, but the Briscoes did not win. The final match was ironically named Final Battle 2022. The epic blood-filled Dog Collar match. There, the Briscoes finally defeated FTR to win the tag titles for the 13th and final time.

This trio of matches is classic. Many have said that if you want to pick a Match of the Year for 2022, you just have to decide which FTR/Briscoes match you think is the best. Might be easier said than done.

This wasn’t their last match however. The House of Glory Promotion put on HOG Revelations, where they faced and were defeated by Jay Lyon and Midas Black. December 12th, 2022 at La Boom Woodside New Year. The Briscoes lost the HOG Tag titles. This would be the last time ever. They likely were to be a featured part of AEW’s brand of Ring of Honor going forward, but that is to never be.


Jay Briscoe, Rest in Peace

Jay Briscoe and his family. Our prayers are with his family at this difficult time.
Jay Briscoe and his family. Our prayers are with his family at this difficult time.

Wrestling lost a legend in Jay Briscoe. Perhaps one of the greatest to never compete in a WWE ring. It’s unknown if Mark Briscoe will continue to compete or if he retires. At the age of 38, a 23-year career ends in tragedy. He was a good father, and a good man, and that’s how he died. Taking his children home from their cheerleading events. He did, at the peak of his career popularity.

Rest in Peace, it was too soon… Jay Briscoe helped bring honor to wrestling.

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