The Bella Twins

The Bella Twins Go Live (VIDEO) To Question Aspects of Raw XXX

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WWE Hall Of Famers The Bella Twins, Nikki & Brie, were advertised to appear at last night’s RAW XXX, but they didn’t appear.

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Instead of attending RAW, they decided to attend a matinee performance of the Broadway musical Wicked.

It’s not known yet but there is clearly some heat between them and WWE because they went LIVE on Instagram last night and expressed their displeasure about how WWE didn’t acknowledge the women’s revolution during RAW XXX, especially talent like Mercedes Mone (Sasha Banks) and Saraya (Paige).

You can watch it below:

Nikki: … Another good memory on Raw. How didn’t they showcase anything from the women’s evolution?

Brie: Also, the way we did our matches on there —

Nikki: Because Sasha Banks is in it and they’re like, we can’t. Mercedes is too over and we can’t say her name.

Brie: There’s a couple other girls and ‘Raya. There’s a bunch of us they don’t wanna show. That’s fine.

Nikki: That’s fine. When you do what they don’t wanna do…

Brie: It’s not what you don’t do, it’s what you do-do.

Are The Bella Twins right?


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