The Acclaimed came from the low end of the card and worked their way up day by day. They had a few bumps in the road including a suspension but after much work, they finally won the titles.

The Acclaimeds Theme Song Rocks Out At Royal Rumble Venue (VIDEO)

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There was some confusion today at the WWE Royal Rumble Superstore ahead of the big event tonight.

The Acclaimed’s AEW theme music started playing at the store, leaving those who heard it confused.

You can see the video online posted by our CEO, the source is not 100% confirmed as it is viral on FB, however a botch on his social media which featured a video of speakers playing the AEW music. The Twitter user who posted the video tweeted:

“The guy who came to turn it off said he got screwed by his Spotify playlist 😂😂😂”

You can bet Caster and Bowens will get some material out of this!


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