"That's probably gonna hurt" - WWE Hall of Famer reacts to Cody Rhodes' flaming table spot on AEW Dynamite

“That’s probably gonna hurt” – WWE Hall of Famer reacts to Cody Rhodes’ flaming table spot on AEW Dynamite

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Cody Rhodes and Andrade El Idolo fought in the main event of AEW Dynamite in a match that included a flaming table spot. WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley reacted to the moment and said he hopes that The American Nightmare is ok.

Rhodes and Andrade have been part of a long-running feud involving Malakai Black, PAC, FTR and the Lucha Brothers.

In a rematch from a few weeks back, the American Nightmare faced the former WWE United States champion in an Atlanta Street Fight. The match was in Cody’s hometown, and he desperately needed to make things even against Andrade.

After a brutal match that featured many weapons, Brandi Rhodes made a surprising return to AEW programming. AEW’s Chief Branding Officer proceeded to light up a table on fire and Cody Rhodes superplexed Andrade onto it for the win.

The former TNT champion bore the brunt of the fall as his back looked charred after the spot.

Mick Foley, who is familiar with such spots, took to Twitter to express his concern for Cody. He said that it was going to hurt for a while.

“I hope @CodyRhodes is ok. That’s probably going to hurt for a while,” Mick Foley tweeted.

I hope @CodyRhodes is ok. That’s probably going to hurt for a while. twitter.com/aew/status/146…

This was the first time that such a spot had taken place on AEW programming, and it will go down as one of the most memorable spots in Dynamite history.

Was the flaming table spot between Cody Rhodes and Andrade on AEW Dynamite necessary?

Burned, Broken, & Bruised! #CodyRhodes and @AndradeElIdolo Go to War in an Atlanta Street Fight | #AEWDynamite, 12/1/21

▶️ youtu.be/8OVcxXNaY3c https://t.co/O5ODyRqg3M

Fire spots have usually been reserved for huge blowoff matches to extremely personal feuds on sold out pay-per-views.

Cody Rhodes and Andrade El Idolo have only become enemies because of their actual rivals Malakai Black and PAC, respectively. This was their second match with a build that didn’t focus entirely on the two. Many feel that such a spot isn’t necessary, given that the buildup to this feud has been weak.

Both men looked hurt, and the spot was given away on free television. While it was enjoyable to watch a wrestler’s safety is the most important thing. Hopefully, both Cody Rhodes and Andrade recover quickly.


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