Liv Morgan and Tegan Nox team up as Tegan returns to WWE.

Tegan Nox is back in WWE

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Tegan Nox made her return to WWE tonight on SmackDown. She joined in with her friend, Liv Morgan to take on Damage CTRL. We had heard rumors about Tegan Nox for almost two months that she might return. Back in 2021, she was on SmackDown and was drafted to RAW. However, she was released before she could even appear on Monday Night RAW.

Not counting tonight, Tegan only appeared on 11 episodes of SmackDown, and despite having been on the RAW roster, has never actually appeared on the program. Even tonight, it was SmackDown she debuted on.

Tegan Nox has a little history with IYO Sky from NXT, but not too much. Since she appeared on only a few episodes, she has a mostly clean slate in WWE. The question is, where will they go with her? Is teaming with Liv Morgan going to be a long-term thing?

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