Teddy Long talks CM Punk

Teddy Long praises CM Punk

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The future of CM Punk in pro wrestling remains uncertain, and he has not been seen or heard of on AEW TV since his infamous brawl with the Elite after the All Out pay-per-view.

Such was the impact of the tussle that he was stripped of the world title and handed a suspension, although an injury he suffered at the PPV would mostly have ensured the former regardless of his actions.

It has also been reported in many circles that Punk is in talks with AEW regarding a contract buyout, which he has pushed for himself. However, nothing concrete regarding this has come out.

Many reports say CM Punk could be back in WWE

What is certain is that Punk has quite a few fans within the business and among fans. Speaking on a recent episode of The Wrestling Time Machine podcast, Teddy Long was full of praise for the Chicago native for choosing to walk away from pro wrestling.

“CM Punk was no druggie. He was no alcoholic guy. He saved his money. He owns a bunch of apartment buildings in Chicago.

So, CM Punk is a guy that could do that because he could walk away from the business and it wouldn’t faze him at all.”

Punk first took a break from pro wrestling in 2014, having been burned out through his stint with WWE and the mental and physical toll it took on him.

Whether he returns to AEW, heads back to WWE, or completely leaves this industry for good remains to be seen.


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