Teddy Long on Triple H threatening to fire D-Von Dudley

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Teddy Long gave his views on the recent reports of WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H threatening to fire former World Tag Team Champion D-Von Dudley.

Dudley was supposed accompany his brother Bully Ray in his match against Matt Cardona at Battleground Championship Wrestling’s Tribute to the Extreme show. However, his appearance was not allowed by the Stamford-base promotion. According to reports D-Von Dudley had spoken to Senior Talent Relations Manager John Cone for appearing the event and was granted him the permission.

While expressing his views on the matter, Teddy professed that John Cone might not have made that decision alone.

“Well, like I said, he’s still on the contract, and that contract may say that you know, ‘you can do meet and greet or signings, but you can’t be on anyone else’s TV.’ […] I just don’t think John Cone made that decision on his own,” said Teddy Long.

He further opined that John Cone is not the kindd of a guy to do things without consulting with the higher authorities.

“I think it was probably somebody who said it was okay, and then John Cone told him because John Cone ain’t that kind of guy. He ain’t gonna jump right off the top of his head and say you can do something unless he goes to the higher authority and finds out it is okay.”

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