Tay Melo

Tay Melo wants to wrestle with STARDOM and have more street fights

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Tay Melo is totally down to work more Street Fight matches in the future. Additionally, the AEW wrestler has expressed her desire to face STARDOM’s Giulia.

Speaking to “Dark Puroresu Flowsion,” the real-life wife of Sammy Guevara commented on several topics, including which Joshi stars she wants to wrestle, wanting to train in Japan, and more.

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You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On which Joshi stars she wants to wrestle: “Honestly, I want to wrestle them all. I love Japanese style. It’s part of my roots because of judo. I always loved the culture, the language, the respect they have for each other, and the hard work. It’s no surprise that I want to wrestle Giulia more than anyone else. I can’t wait to share a ring with her one day.”

Sexy Tay Melo
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On wanting to go to Japan to train: “Going to Japan has been a dream for a long time, even before wrestling. I know that I’ll learn a lot and it can change my career for the better. I remember training with Meiko Satomura for a little bit in NXT. I asked her to help me with my kicks and the way she teaches, the way she moves is everything, I just loved it. I had the pleasure to work with Kairi, Io Shirai, and Shida, and man I always learned a lot from them and had so much fun. It’s truly the style I love and feel comfortable [with]. I’m super open to going to Japan, I really want to go. I’m waiting for the opportunity.”

On the potential for another street fight from her: “Of course, when I say I’m street fighting, I mean it. I love every second of it, I very much feel alive when I’m doing a street fight. I love the feeling of giving everything I have, I love to feel the pain after the match and be proud of myself… I understand the danger and that we need to build something to get into a match like that and I’m super down to have a street fight at the end of every feud I have haha!”

Is Tay Melo the future of women’s wrestling?



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