Tay Melo Photos

Tay Melo Shows Off Her Hot Body With New Holiday PHOTOS

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AEW Star Tay Melo shares new photos –  Tay Melo had experience in various fields of combat sports such as martial arts, judo, and even gymnastics prior to beginning her wrestling career. In fact, she even participated in the trials for the Brazilian Olympic team at the 2016 Summer Olympics .

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Tay Melo has long been considered one of the AEW’s up-and-coming talents. The Brazilian superstar has established herself as a fierce in-ring combatant and a charming rising star in All Elite. With her husband Sammy Guevara by her side, the couple has improved each other’s reputations. They have recently been seen spending quiet family time together, with Melo turning heads in hot swimsuit pictures and videos.


The 27-year-old AEW star recently posted a string of extremely scanty purple bikini images and videos of a family gathering on a private yacht on Instagram. Tay Melo can be seen having fun with Sammy Guevara and their entire family.

You can see the photos below.

Do you like it when stars like Tay Melo drop new photos?


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