Suspended Talent Is Honoring AEW Commitments In Japan

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It was reported earlier that Christopher Daniels is currently in Japan, and will be working some AJPW dates while he’s there. He was not scheduled for this week’s Dynamite following the All Out incident. Nakazawa is also in Japan and is set to wrestle while he’s there, and he also had this week off last nights Dynamite.

Omega is in Japan for the Tokyo Game Show (full story below) but it’s been reported that he is there on his own, not on official AEW business.

It’s interesting to note how AEW announced today that the Tokyo Game Show will feature live matches with AEW stars later this week, as seen in the tweet below. There’s no word yet on if Nakazawa, Daniels, or Omega will be involved with those matches. The AEW Fight Forever video game will be promoted at the convention.

For what it’s worth, Chris Jericho is featured in the graphic to promote AEW’s presence at the convention, we have reached out to AEW to ascertain if Jericho will be traveling to Japan after wrestling Bryan Danielson on tonight’s Dynamite.

Early Tuesday morning, the official Twitter account for Sega posted a photo of Omega and Sonic at Sega’s offices in Japan.

“Guess who visited SEGA office??” the account tweeted.

Omega is in town for the Tokyo Game Show convention, where he was expected to be part of the presentation for the upcoming “AEW Fight Forever” video game, which Omega was heavily involved with. While it’s not confirmed whether Omega is still there on official AEW business, his presence could signal that he’s not expected to miss much time in AEW following the conclusion of the investigation. As of this writing, Omega, nor anyone else involved in the post-All Out backstage brawl, has commented on the situation.


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