Sting talks retirement plans!

Sting talks AEW and wrestling retirement plans

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Sting right now in AEW, is on the run that we all thought he’d never have. It was believed after the Seth Rollins match, that he would never wrestle again. However, he has thrilled fans with what will end up being some final memories from a legendary career. He talked about retirement plans in an interview with “”

This is what Sting said,



“Well, I know Darby [Allin] is going to be a part of it for sure. I won’t have a singles match at this point. Darby will be along with me and I’ll be along with him and we can add more to it as far as I’m concerned. But I have a few people [in mind] and I really don’t want to say now.”

“I want them [the fans] to just be left with a memory that they’ll never forget, a good positive memory. I want fans to be thoroughly entertained and just having a good time and reminiscing with me. As history begins to come to an end, as the last wave comes into shore, I want to ride it with all those who want to come on with me.”

Sting is a legend in WCW, and TNA. He has won multiple titles and wrestled in amazing main events. But the bell my be tolling on this legendary career.


He is certainly a legendary wrestler. I for one might be interested to see how he intends on ending his career. What final memory will Sting leave with us?

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