Sting spoke on his Joker gimmick from TNA.

Sting on his Joker Sting Character

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On the show called, “The Ringer,” Sting took the time to speak about Joker Sting. This character was a feature in TNA, that was in many ways, inspired by the Dark Knight starring Heath Ledger as the Joker.

This is what Sting said, ““That’s really an extension of me. Most people don’t see that unless you get to know me. But I do have a personality, and I love to have fun. That’s why I can do the [AEW wrestler and noted funnyman] Orange Cassidy spots with ease. I love that kind of stuff. But I don’t know, it was something that I felt like I needed to, again, evolve and try something different and step out of the box and take risks. I did, and I had so much fun. That one there was [over] more than any other character over the years.

Sting continued, “You talk to somebody like Kevin Nash. Marcus Bagwell … Lex Luger … the Steiner Brothers. They’ll tell you. It was just kind of who I was. I was constantly doing impersonations, doing voices and accents. I can remember playing cards with Randy Savage in the dressing room. Every hand I was beating him, and every hand I was playing the part of a different person. And I was just on him and on him and on him. And he got so mad because I was taking his money and he [yells] ‘Knock it off! I feel like I’m playing 10 different people. It’s not fair.’ I love that kind of stuff with the ‘Joker’ Sting.”

What did you think of the gimmick? Sting’s time in TNA

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