Sting Got The Living Crap Beat Out Of Him For Sleeping With A Wrestlers Ex

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In her autobiography ‘First Lady of Wrestling’, former WCW/ECW valet Missy Hyatt discussed an incident in which Sting was beat up by Dick Slater in the locker room, after Sting slept with Slater’s ex-girlfriend, Dark Journey (a valet).

Here’s what Missy wrote about the incident:



“Dark Journey had left Dick Slater and shacked up for a weekend in the apartment of a young wrestler named Steve Borden. That’s Sting to you.

Naturally, Slater found out about it, probably from Dark Journey herself, and naturally he flipped out.

The next week, he came storming into the dressing room looking for Sting, and he found him in the bathroom putting on his face paint.”

She then added that ‘Dirty’ Dick Slater proceeded to “beat the living crap” out of Sting, but The Stinger didn’t really fight back and “just let himself get beat up” because he was afraid of Slater’s influence and power to ruin his (at this point in time) still young career and felt it was better to just take the beating like a man.



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