MJF is the new champion in AEW! The Devil got his due.

Spoiler for MJF next feud as AEW World Champion

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After years of hard work and dedication to honing his craft, MJF has finally climbed to the top of the mountain and is in his first reign as AEW World Champion. This came after a little bit of help from William Regal during his match against Jon Moxley at Full Gear.

Regarding his first feud as champ, Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Newsletter has some exciting news for fans.

As per the veteran journalist, AEW plans for Bryan Danielson to engage in a feud with MJF for the AEW World Championship at AEW Revolution next year.

Bryan Danielson will definitely seek revenge for MJF’s attack on William Regal

“The idea is to build a major program with MJF vs. Danielson for the title and MJF putting Regal out as the catalyst. Whether that’s the Revolution main event for 3/5 in San Francisco, which would mean it would take four months to get to the match which feels way long, or they do a TV match (and perhaps use that to build to a PPV match) is unknown.”

This match makes sense because, on this week’s AEW Dynamite, MJF cut his first promo since winning the world title at Full Gear.

However, after appearing to thank William Regal, he blindsided the Brit and put him on a stretcher with a brutal attack to the back of the latter’s head.

Since Danielson is still allied with Regal and sees him as a father figure and was also seen sitting in the ambulance with his mentor as it headed to the hospital, him seeking revenge against MJF for such a vicious attack could further their story.


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