South Park Inspired Daily’s Place – Khan

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Longtime AEW producer Keith Mitchell retired from the wrestling business at the end of the year, Mitchell’s final show as a producer was the New Year’s Smash episode of AEW Dynamite, but prior to his work with AEW he has worked in the business for 40 years with roles in WCW, TNA, and more.

Mitchell appeared on Talk is Jericho to talk about his retirement, and you can see some highlights below.

Keith Mitchell + AEW EVPS

Keith discussed how he came to join the AEW team and how South Park inspired Daily’s Place Set Up.

  • “First of all, I got a call from several different wrestling friends who hung out at the Red River Saloon after hours at Impact for years, Kaz and Chris Daniels.  Both called me and said I should talk to this guy (Tony Khan),” Mitchell began. “Then Cody called.  Tony called me, and he thought I was the director and I had to explain the difference.  He called his partner Bernie. We had a three way chat and we hit it off pretty well.  He said, ‘This weekend the Jaguars are playing at home.  Come to the game, hang out, and we’ll meet.’”
Photo Credit – South Park Studios
  • “I went to the game. I know he’s a busy person during the game.  He’s VP and has a lot going on.  I met him just briefly.  He was in and out in a hurry, but the next day I went to his office.  We talked and he told me his vision on what he wants to do.  He brought me to Daily’s place because he had a dream of Daily’s place being a great venue.” Mitchell continued, “First of all, I wasn’t really excited about doing that because a stage in an amphitheater is not easy for a wrestling venue.  I found out later that his inspiration for doing Daily’s Place was an episode of South Park.  Sure enough, I got a frame from South Park and I put a camera at the very top and gave him the exact same shot as the scene in South Park.  He was just so excited.  After doing Impact for 20 years, this was now 2018, I was very interested and wanted to talk more.”

On Why Keith Decided It Was Time To Retire

  • Several different reasons. First of all, JR told me he was coming back today and I wanted to see him while he was here. It kind of was closure with the whole Jacksonville thing. Originally I was thinking about making Dallas my last day but my plan sort of got pushed back a little bit.”
  • “My wife has been retired for five years. I am ready to slow down a little bit work-wise and just travel and have fun. Show her some of the places that I’ve gone and seen


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