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Shawn Michaels speaks on William Regal

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During a media call, Shawn Michaels, the head of NXT took a chance to speak on William Regal. He talked about how much he’d love to have him back and what he meant to NXT.

This is what Shawn Michaels said, “Right now, there is nothing official that I really have to announce. I will say this, we love Steve. We have a great deal of respect for Steven Regal and what he means to NXT and the WWE and wrestling at all levels. Nothing would thrill me more than to give you more information. Obviously, stay tuned because hopefully we’ll all know a little bit more as we get down the road. Honestly, right now, I’m the guy that has been reading it from you guys. That’s where we’re at for the time being.” 

William Regal was fired from WWE earlier this year. He joined AEW, and became an integral part of AEW’s wrestling program, forming the Blackpool Combat Club. His final onscreen scene which is part of the storyline, involves MJF punching him in the back of the head, ending their association.

William Regal is due back in AEW in 2023, where he will take a backstage role. He will not be on screen for the entire year, due to an agreement between Tony Khan, William Regal, and potentially WWE.

What do you think of the return of William Regal to WWE?

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