Shawn Michaels says Iron Survivor match was designed to help teach wrestlers

Shawn Michaels reveals the purpose of Iron Survivor

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Shawn Michaels revealed at the press conference after the PLE what the purpose of the Iron Survivor match was. It was designed to challenge the wrestlers to have to balance moving parts and still have a great match.

This is what Shawn Michaels said, “First of all, I thought it was executed phenomenally and one of the challenges with matches like this is making them different, and we did that. I will say that I had one person come up to me that was in the match and said, ‘Man, that is one of the coolest things I’ve ever been a part of. Don’t ever put me in one of those again.’ So look, it’s a lot mentally on the talent.

Shawn Michaels continued, “There’s a lot that is required in those types of matches. From a developmental standpoint, one of the things back when I was coaching, one thing I would always try and tell talent is when you get up to the main roster, you’re in WrestleMania moments, you have a number of different things you have to remember out there. There’s the match that you got, there’s also the huge entrance for you that’s also probably going to be very overwhelming, you’re going to be dealing with the crowd, you got camera angles, and commercial breaks.

I used to tell people that it’s like spinning plates and you have to keep all these things in your head while keeping in character and keeping the psychology of what you’re doing in the match. That’s one of the reasons we wanted to challenge them with this match because that’s sort of a developmental tool you could say that we can use this match for.”

Did Shawn Michaels have a great idea?

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