Seth Rollins says Logan Paul doesn’t want to be a pro wrestler

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Logan Paul signed a contract with WWE last year. He has made a name for himself in the company despite wrestling in only 3 matches. His best bout came at WWE Crown Jewel where he lost to Roman Reigns. Despite the loss, his performance was highly regarded by both fans and critics.

WWE superstar Seth Rollins, who was eliminated by Logan Paul from the recent men’s Royal Rumble match, expressed his views on the social media personality. He explained that he doesn’t like Logan Paul.

“Alright, look. I was going to avoid this topic, but since I’ve seen a few of you guys asking so far about Logan Paul, I don’t know. I don’t know about Logan Paul. All I know is that I don’t really like Logan Paul. I’ll just say it. A lot of us don’t really like Logan Paul. We don’t. I don’t like Logan Paul, I don’t really need him in my locker room, in my space.”

While Rollins praised Logan Paul’s athletic abilities, he doesn’t think Logan Paul is a wrestler. Here is what he said:

Great, the guy is ultra talented as far as athletic ability is concerned. He snuck up on me at the Rumble and dumped me, fine. Whatever. I took my eyes off the ball, that one’s on me, but don’t go bragging about it like you did something otherworldly. It’s probably the coolest thing Logan’s ever gonna do in his life. I just advise him to stay in his lane. He’s had what, three or four matches? Again, athletic freak, no doubt about it. But, at the end of the day, he’s just not a wrestler. He doesn’t want to be a wrestler. He just wants to be famous, he doesn’t care about the industry. He’s not a wrestler. It’s best for him to just stay in his lane, whatever his lane is, I don’t know, buying counterfeit Pokémon cards. If that’s your lane, stay in that lane. Don’t come knocking on my door cause I’ll knock you out. You don’t have your brother for backup because he’s about to get cooked by this dude coming up in a couple weeks. He’s not gonna be around.”

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