Seth Rollins has the choicest words for Logan Paul

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Seth Rollins was surprisingly eliminated by Logan Paul at the Royal Rumble this year, and that has not sat well with him. The WWE superstar made his feelings about the social media star clearly known on Instagram, and this has seemingly confirmed to fans that the two will duke it out at WrestleMania 39.

Logan Paul has been bragging about throwing Seth Rollins out of the men's Royal Rumble bout


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Seth put over Logan as being “ultra-talented” in a video on the social media site, but added that he took offense to the online personality bragging about throwing him out of the men’s Royal Rumble:

“A lot of us don’t like Logan Paul I don’t like Logan Paul. I don’t really need him in my locker room, in my space. I just advise him to stay in his lane… at the end of the day, he’s not a wrestler, he doesn’t wanna be a wrestler. He just wants to be famous. He doesn’t care about the industry. He’s not a wrestler. I think it’s best for him to stay in his lane, whatever his lane is. I don’t know, like buying counterfeit Pokemon cards. If that’s your lane, stay in that lane.”

What the former world champion said after is what has raised a lot of eyebrows, as he mentioned that ‘he and Logan will come face to face at “some point” and he doesn’t think Logan “wants none.”‘ It looks more and more likely that Seth Rollins vs. Logan Paul is happening at WrestleMania this year.


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